Children’s day wish list

Create a wish list for Children’s Day and share it with friends and family

Wishlist for Children’s Day: Create an online wishlist

What do I want for Children’s Day? Love, respect and of course a beautiful home. You should never forget when you are going well! This is not supposed to be a sermon now. I’m just happy about the little things in life! For me, gifts are something like the cream on top of the cake for Children’s Day.

Whether coloring book, toy car or teddies: Mommy and Daddy collect all my wishes and their own ideas on a wish list. If someone asks what I would like to have for Children’s Day, everything is already on the list. And you can easily share this list. Very practical, right? And besides, no disadvantages.

You know what? There are even two children’s days in Germany. Once in early June and then again in September. That has to do with East and West, Dad explained it to me. So if you’re smart, you can have two parties!

With an online wish list for Children’s Day, you can choose exactly your favorite items that you have always wanted with mum and dad. Very simple and straightforward. Once your list is ready, it’s easy to share with friends and family. Free of charge and without registration.

Hula hoops, skipping rope or rubber boat? Let your imagination run wild and put small, large, practical, and crazy things on the wish list. So everyone can choose what suits their wallet and taste and you will certainly not get a double gift. Great, right?