Wish list for a birthday

Create a wish list for your birthday and share it with friends and family

Create and share your online birthday wish list for free

When she was little like me, my mom made a birthday card for each of her friends. Everything written in her best calligraphy and then proudly handed over personally. Oh, her eyes start to light up when she tells this story! It is not like this when we think of how things are today: "It’s a shame that you just send invitations quickly via chat."

But you know what? New things can be really cool too. A wish list on the Internet is super practical! You collect all your desires and simply share them how and with whom you want. And now imagine that you have to call or write to each person individually. Pretty complicated! So everyone has less stress when giving gifts and you are much happier with your gifts in the end.

Mum is right too. And an invitation card with love would be a nice addition, wouldn’t it?