Wish list for the youth consecration

Create a wish list for the youth consecration now and share it with friends and family

Wish list for the youth consecration: create an online wish list

I think being a child is just great! I walk through the world full of curiosity and joy. Sometime like a booby. But even then, mom and dad just can’t be angry with me. Oh, it could stay that way! But of course I’ll grow up at some point. But that also has some advantages. For example, that I do not have to ask for permission.

For many, youth consecration is a giant step in growing up. At least now you are officially no longer considered a child! And because you can have more of a say, it is best to start with the gifts right away at your youth consecration. Just choose the gifts yourself and put them on a free online list. You can later share this wish list with grandma, aunt and all other family. Everyone can have access to it immediately and without registration and choose a suitable gift for you.

You can relax and let yourself be surprised who will get which gift for you. Much cooler than getting money, am I right?