Wish list for baptism

Create a wish list for the baptism now and share it with friends and family

Wish list for baptism: Create an online wish list

The joy after the birth is still very fresh when the next big party is just around the corner: Baptism! Many boys and girls from my daycare center were baptized before they learned how to crawl. I think it’s best when you are older and hear more of the party. But everyone should live their faith the way they want - as clear as dumpling broth!

Whether socks for babies or a balance bike for toddlers: depending on the child’s age, many things can make life even more beautiful, easier and more colorful. And parents can collect and share all of these wishes online on a wish list. With this they also give their blessings, and which gifts they are happy to receive at baptism. So godparents, friends and neighbors don’t have to wonder what they care for.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Each person simply chooses what they would like to give. And the next person immediately sees what has already been bought and marked. So you can all celebrate a great baptism together - without double gifts and the hassle of exchanging them!