Wish list for birthday

Create a wish list for the birthday now and share it with friends and family

Wish list for the birthday: Create an online wish list

There aren not too many days that you will not forget in your life. A birth is definitely one of them! My mum is still very touched when she talks about my first breath. There is only one thing to forget, the chaos of gifts! As cute, practical and perfect as the gifts were - some things piled up twice and thrice and other are still to be unpacked.

So it is better to not keep your birth wishes to yourself for too long! Here at you will create your own baby list for free. From pacifiers to baby rompers to strollers: every small or large wish can noted. When your list is ready, it can be shared with a click. Friends and family then choose for themselves which wish they would like to fulfill on the special day,

So you can look forward to many beautiful and meaningful gifts for the birth. And what is really great: It remains a surprise who surprise you with what.