Wish list for enrollment

School enrollment ...Create a wish list for school enrollment and share it with friends and family

Wish list for school enrollment: create and online wish list

Hurray or ouch: I am still unsure how I will soon go to school. A strange place, homework, new friendships - anticipation and jitters are natural, right?

I do not worry about being showered with stupid gifts. Mum and Dad always use an online wish list. The question ""Who is buying what?"" is answered so quickly. Everything that can sweeten my day is on my wish list. Grandpa then grabs the school bag, my aunt the lunch box, my uncle the gym bag and so on. Mum and Dad just have to see what is left: for example the school satchel, without which of course I couldn’t go outside!

Sounds really easy, what do you think? And the more I think about it, the more I start to look forward to my school start.

You and your future schoolchildren will find great favorite items online in beforehand. A school satchel with a unicorn or do you prefer the Star Wars motifs? Pencil cases with cool cars or jungle animals? Wax crayons, pens, fountain pens, gym bags, paint boxes, school bags, football shirts or swimsuits? Bet you can think of a lot more! Frida makes the online wish list available to all guests and relatives for school enrollment - just share the link.

Everyone chooses their best gifts for the big day. If something very important remains on the online wish list at the end of the day, mom and dad will immediately see it so that the satchel is not missing, of all things, they can buy these important utensils for the start of school themselves.