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Invited people can mark requests as purchased.

The idea behind

In almost every large online shop you can now create your own gift and wish list. We are enthusiastic about these functions ourselves - both as a reminder and to bring other into our wishes.

The problem: the more lists are added, the more confusing it becomes. So it would be very helpful if all requests for all websites could be bundled and stored centrally. That’s exactly why we developed!

Why actually Frida? Learn more about what the name is all about.

As soon as you have created your first wish list - no registration is required - you can immediately start adding wishes. You are completely free to save it with a link to any website or with your own note (This graphic shows you how you can create wishes on your smartphone or laptop). In any case, you can enter everything you are looking for, from your favorite products to tickets and experiences.

Discover now all the possibilities on how to save wishes online by creating your first wish list. As soon as your wish list is complete, the lively sharing can begin. Decide yourself who should have access to your list and who can see your wishes. And so that your wishes are not lost on the way, all current communication channels are open to you - be it a classic e-mail or a message (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc.).

Invited people can see what you want and make those wishes come true in no time. Every purchase can be noted so that no gifts are given twice. And in order to keep the surprise, you don’t see which gifts have already been bought. However, you can optionally deactivate this option in your settings.

Fridalist explains: My video for you

1. Create list
Create list
2. Save products
Save products
3. Share list
Share list

This is how easy works

Step 1: Create your wish list
You can create your own free of charge and free of registration wish list at

Step 2: Add wishes
You can then add as many requests, products or services as you want.

Step 3: share your wish list
Frida offers you numerous options for sharing your wish list with friends and family

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This is why you should use

  • You can start right now with no registration
  • Create & share wishlists for free
  • Save your wishes as you want: eg. for example as a link, product photo or simply free text
  • You can create wishes (no matter if products or services) from any website
  • There is a surprise factor: You do not find out which wishes have been fulfilled. You can switch this on, but you can also switch it off at any time.
  • Maximum data security: server in Germany, protected data traffic (https), no disclosure to advertising companies
  • Lists with or without password access possible

Frida’s words to you

Let’s pay more attention to sustainability

A birthday is like a stage in the theater. And we are the actors. Well, dad behaves like that. I can pin point exactly when he doesn’t like a present. Only he would never admit it. So straight from face to face. He says thank you politely and smiles. Funny and somehow a little sad at the same time. Because then of course the gift ends up in the closet. and then it stays there. Five, ten years, or even, forever.

This is not what the product was made for. Somebody had to assemble it, someone else had to pack it, and the next one had to deliver. Maybe it even came halfway around the world? If you ask me: We should be wiser with what we own. We have to. Because every child knows: we do not have an infinite number of resources either. So what’s better for the environment - and also for you conscience, is it not?

For me it is as clear as day: I only want to have what I need! I just write these things on my wish list - then everyone knows exactly what is going on. No more waste, just pure fun unpacking.

I think it is great that sustainability can sometimes be a child’s game. It is best to try it out for yourself: create you personal wish list and share it with others who can fulfill your wishes.

Ideas for more sustainability: These are Frida’s tips

  • You can pick used products instead of going for the new ones. They will, therefore, be used even longer.
  • Can you not think of anything? Are you happy with what you have? Wish you a donation for. good cause (» You can add a "note without a picture" to your wish list).
  • Be conscious that you can neither exchange nor give away personalized gifts. So you should want to use the item for a long time.
  • Exchange your gifts with other when you no longer need them.
  • Do not use gift wrapping (» you can leave a message on your wish list).

New wishes on our wish lists

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Cutting board cherry wood, Large | Manufactum
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