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Frida- simply a wonderful name! Thanks to Saskia and Christian for choosing it. They almost named their daughter Frida. But, in the end, they liked another name just a little better. But they couldn’t get Frida out of their heads. How nice is it that the name now adorns this page. And I am of course the ideal lucky charm.

But again from the beginning: As you can imagine, before Saskia’s and Christian’s daughter was born in January 2019, everyone was super excited. Everyone wanted to get them the most beautiful presents, of course! Many asked for wishes - but more often than not the two of them couldn’t think of something on the spot. And other meant well with a surprise - sometimes more and sometimes less useful.

For Christian it was clear in the end, what counts is what you really need! But how could they express their wishes better? Of course: an online wish list was needed! Because of his excitement, he couldn’t sleep for days. First he had to picture his baby perfectly. Fortunately, he was able to quickly get an idea of the website and sleep like a log again!

Now only Marco had to come on board. Christian and Marco are a well-coordinated team. But Christian was a bit worried, What if Marco didn’t like his new idea? Puff! Marco came, saw and programmed for hours. Without him, the site would never have seen the day of light.

After hundreds of hours of work, is online. The time that my family was happy to invest. Because everyone should be able to experience how easy giving can be! Wether 50 or 5000 clicks a day, wether the redirections to Amazon might result in a small commission - that comes second, if at all.

Now you know me and my family. Do you want to become friends? You can meet us on Facebook and Instagram. Mostly me because Saskia manages to take one cute photo after the other of me! To cuddle, she says. But I’m not just cute but also smart: with my tips I will help you create your first wish list everywhere on the page. So, let’s go!

Yours Frida

My team: Marco, Saskia and Christian

Fridalist Team