Wish list for the wedding

Create a wish list for the wedding now and share it with friends and family

Wedding wish-list: create an online wedding table

A day like in a fairy tale: With a wedding, a heart’s wish comes true! Maybe you even dreamed of it from a young age. In any case, I can already picture myself wearing a white dress one day!

I know from Mum that a wedding would not just be "peace, joy, pancakes". Puh, you really have to think about so many things before your big day! But to make it easier for you and to plan the gifts at the same time. I’m sure you can think of a thousand wishes anyway. You have to simply write them all down on an online wish list and then forward them to friends, family and other guests. Everyone chooses the gift that they want to give, orders it and the crosses it off the list. You can sit back and trust that only the greatest gifts are waiting for you!

Of course, the wish list is free for everyone. So you and your guests can plan your budget for an unforgettable day!