Graduation wish list

Create a wish list for the graduation ceremony now and share it with friends and family

Wishlist for the graduation ceremony: Create an online wishlist

Hurra! You can be very proud of your degree! It doesn’t matter whether you have finished school, your internship or your studies. It wasn’t always easy, but you made it across the finish line well. I would also like your stamina!

Now of course you can celebrate. Of course you are happy when grandma, grandpa and Co. five you gifts of money. But it could get a little more original, right? Maybe you have specific wants in mind? Great, then let’s get out there! Put them on your wish list and share them with friends, family or whoever you want. It doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t even have to create an account. Great Indian word of honor!

Oh yes: each person chooses what they want to get for you. And nobody will buy the same product twice and you only get the best gifts. And I think you deserved it after you have graduated!

Try out for your personal online wish list for the graduation ceremony. Photo book, tent, backpacker rucksack, e-scooter, laptop or a new smartphone? Bet that grandma, grandpa, family and friends will be enthusiastic about your specific wishes? Everyone can easily choose their favorites from your gift wish list. A funny little thing or you biggest desire. And the best?

Personal gifts that are memorable will make your graduation ceremony even more beautiful and unforgettable for you and your guests!